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Sanitation of furniture is tricky, you can just throw soapy water on it and hope for the best. Every cleaning team we send out on jobs, is equipped with state of the art machinery and has gone through several courses lead by Prochem, to certify them in the proper usage of said machines. They are vetted and have a full insurance coverage, leaving no room for worry.

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Benefits of Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning SohoWe are local, meaning you can expect quick on-time responses from us even late at night or during the weekends and holidays, that and affordable rates for all residents of Soho, Westminster. This treatment comes with benefits, like:

  • Effortless second cleaning
  • Dusty accumulations extraction
  • Colour saving and rejuvenation
  • Proper leather treatments
  • Longer upholstery life

And a special treatment called Scotchgard which conditions the fibers of your upholstery and makes it less likely for stains to stick, prolonging the life of your furniture. Contact Us 020 3746 8252.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Details

Leather upholstery cleaning - unlike other materials, leather has to be moisturized often. Time definitely has the biggest toll on leather, as with usage it can loose some of its properties, making it more likely to break, tare and flake. That is why the first thing we do, regardless of the pending issue, is to moisturize the leather as to return some of its flexibility and malleability back, making damage a less likely event. A micro fiber cloth is used to spread the moisturizer evenly, after that its left to dry and soak deeply into the leather. For stains we use the same technique with a corresponding detergent that is suited for the stain at hand.

Steam cleaning - this procedure allows us to reach deep within the fibers of upholstery as well as folds and small crevasses occurring in the upholstery, without having to pry it open causing damage and distress to the fibers. Its applied with a gentle touch and a special attachment on our steam machine that minimizes the moisture exposure to the upholstery, while also focusing its power on one single location, making it a great tool for stain and dust removal. There is a small drying window that needs to be weathered, however, the procedure can be hastened with our air movers.

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Scheduling any of our expert teams is a breeze, either use the phone line 020 3746 8252 or contact us by filling out the booking form on the booking page. It's late at night and you don't want to call? Then feel free to use the free instant chat system, where we will address any of your questions and concerns, while on the line you can also request a free quote be given to you.

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