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Rug Cleaning Service in Soho, Westminster W1D

Foot traffic in your home has left your rugs in dire need of deep cleaning, or has time had its toll on the fibers and they are in need of rejuvenation? Then you are in luck, because Local Cleaners Soho Ltd. is now in Soho, Westminster and is offering every resident a special deal for double booking.

Use this opportunity to get your entire home and rugs cleaned, just Call Us 020 3746 8252 at any time of the day or night and enjoy the cleanliness.

Benefits of Booking Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning SohoOnce booked you won't have to worry about how clean your rugs are, with us they will be always spotless. Our teams are capable and ready to maintain and take care of even the most delicate and exotic selection of rugs. This services also comes with benefits, like:

  • Careful fiber sanitization
  • Deodorizing if need be
  • Deep stain extraction
  • Fiber protection technology
  • Scothgard for a softer rug

Local Cleaners Soho Ltd. also offers you a lot more chances to save time and money, catch up with the different deals we have by calling 020 3746 8252.

Service Information

Steam cleaning - focuses on stain removal in woolen or synthetic rugs as well as their full rejuvenation. Moisture acts as a magnet when it comes to dust and allergen particles, so it also has a wide usage in allergen removal as well as pest extermination. A detergent, specially chosen with the type of stain and rug in mind, is infused into the water we use to make steam. Before cleaning, however, we first hoover the surface of the rug, treat any stains beforehand and then use the mixture under high pressure. The combination of high heat and pressure, as well as detergent is a sure way to remove any stains or dirt even if imbedded deep inside the textiles. There is a small drying window of 1-2 hours after which your rugs will be ready to use.

Dry cleaning - is a more desirable choice when it comes to natural rugs and materials like sisal, silk and cotton. Under high temperature and pressure they can shrink and even be damaged, this is why we use a completely dry compound detergent. It's used in conjunction with a fine brush which helps us infuse it into the fibers of the rug. The usage of the dry compound necessitates a wait of 10-12 minutes, after which its ready to be removed with a high powered vacuum machine.

Easy Booking

Indeed it is, just Call 020 3746 8252 or if you must, use the booking form you can find on the booking page. Here we can answer any of your questions, or if you need a quick answer, use the online chat, which is free along with all other venues of contact.

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