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Mattresses are what you rest and dream on, its the foundation of your relaxation and it does deserve some attention from time to time. It soaks up the sweat and other liquids gather scary amounts of dead human skin cells and hairs which are the ideal food for bed bugs and dust mites.

Let us help you, and we will come in a discrete manner and clean your mattress on sight, from pests, stains and odours. Call us on 020 3746 8252.

Benefits of This Cleaning Service

mattress cleaningAs mentioned above, we aim to deliver a fine service without disturbing your everyday life. Done in only 15 minutes, we can clean your mattress and bed pillows thoroughly ensuring no pests are lingered in there. The treatment has other benefits, like:

  • Full pest extermination and extraction
  • Proper stain treatment
  • Removal of blood and urine smells and staining
  • Memory foam protection
  • Dust and other allergen removals

And of course, this isn't the end of it all, at 020 3746 8252 you can acquire about other benefits of this service, just call and ask.

Service Techniques and Details

U.V Lights cleaning - these lights can often be found being used in laboratories and research centers for chemical free sterilization. We are using them for the same reason, although, ours have been modified in a way that does not harm textiles and colours, but still has an unprecedented effectiveness against bacteria and pests like bed bugs and dust mites. It penetrates all layers of the mattress, killing them in all stages of growth and development, leaving only carcasses and fecal matter. We extract everything with a vacuum cleaned and the mattress is ready to use, free of chemicals and toxins.

Steam cleaning - is a very diverse treatment that has several important applications in our field of work. For star it will successfully remove stains, separating them from the fibers of the mattress, it will break its bonds and annihilate any odour causing bacteria. The detergents we use are bio-degradable and leave no trace in the mattress itself. The second usage is as a follow-up procedure to the U.V lights treatment, it is used as a way to remove pests and further ensure a job well done. Some drying time is involved, however, we can cut that to a minimum using our air movers.

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