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Skilled Curtain Cleaning Service

High population households experience the largest amount of dust accumulation in fibrous materials, and a curtain is one of them. They act as a big air filter that traps airborne dust in the textile, but the problem is that it doesn't stay there, but can be kicked back up into the air and in your lungs in just one motion.

That's disgusting, don't allow this to happen to you and book us 020 3746 8252 today - we do quick or deep curtain cleanings that can deal with that and a lot more.

Benefits of Curtain Cleaning in Soho, Westminster W1D

Curtain Cleaning SohoWe are a renown local cleaning company, and because of our local origins you'll experience quick response times and a lower rates, as well as a chance of same day booking and even late night jobs. The treatment comes with a lot of benefits, like:

  • No more dust or allergens
  • Better smelling air
  • Fully conditioned drapery
  • Filth containment and extraction
  • Stain and odour removal

The services also offer a good protection against the sun's harmful rays, which can cause discoloration and fiber vulnerability.

How This Service Works

Steam cleaning - if dealing with a stain we make a mixture that fits the profile of the stain, for a greasy problem we use a corresponding degreaser that works with water. All detergents and infused into the water before it's brought to a boil, making for a very potent combination. If dust and allergens are the problems sometimes water and steam will suffice to remove them. Either way we will not take the drapery down because we are capable of cleaning the curtains it is, this lowers waiting time and dramatically reduced the chance of wrinkling.

Dry cleaning - is a more gentle way of cleaning natural curtains and drapery, it does not require the usage of water or heat, but rather uses a dry compound. It is made to remove stains and moisture out of the fibers of any curtain, and it is especially useful when a client has expensive drapery. Because it has a more fine approach, it's safer for usage on delicate materials like Kashmir, silk and cotton. To clean we have to take the curtain down and place it on a flat surface, it is then treated and once done its installed once again- free of charge of course.

Booking Our Professional Service

To do a proper booking we've given you several options, you can either use the 24/7 customer support hotline at 020 3746 8252 or utilize the quick to submit booking form located on the website. For a quick enquiry, we also have a live chat where we can address any questions you may have, as well as give you a free quote while at it.

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